Here's The Idea...

One late night while reading an online newspaper about Kashmir, I started reminiscing about my time travelling through the valley and other areas of South Asia in 1992. The people I met and the stories we shared have become such a rich part of my history. Anyone who knows me has probably heard a few of these tales. When travelling, these stories were not only a great source of knowledge and guide, but a unique way to connect with others from aroung the globe. Sharing stories about the right or wrong place to stay or the best cheap meal or scams to beware of or even what pigs do in Goa have a way of dissolving borders. There may be lines on the map, but when sharing stories, lines tend to dissapear.

So what if there was a place to go and share your stories and read those of others on the web? With your help, this is that place...

How to Participate

Have you shared a bus seat with a goat? Spent the night at the best guest house? Sampled the worlds greatest Samosa? Share your travel stories with the world...or at least those who venture in to this site, and help create the World Interactive.

*I will make every effort not to edit your stories, however intolerances including race, religion or gender will not be allowed and therefore will not be posted. Cussing on the other hand is encouraged. Basically, this site is about sharing your experiences & having and showing respect.