Us:"We've decided that we won't leave without our friends."

Boy, did that piss him off royally. I guess it was the point blank defience of his order and the example it gave to the other personel there that got to him the most. He argued back with us very forcefully saying that if we knew what was good for us we would leave now and forget any of this ever transpired. After a few minutes of us arguing back and forth, the man in charge leaned in to us and with hand on gun barked "This is INTERNAL affairs of India. This does not concern you. LEAVE NOW!!!"

Before we even had a chance to step back from the seismic repercussions of his voice, the smallest person in our party rose up and roared like a lion..."Well, us four here are from OUTSIDE of India. That makes all of this EXTERNAL affairs. My friend Mr. So-and-So of the Australian embassy in Delhi will hear about all of this and he will make this a MAJOR EXTERNAL AFFAIR!!!"

photo(c) TwoFeathers 1999
~Floating storefronts are truly the way to go on Dal Lake. If it's available in Srinagar or the surrounding region, undoubtedly someone will pass by in a shikarra trying to sell it to you~