"Well", I spoke up, "two of us are from America, and the other two from Australia."

Army guy:"AAh...I see. So you are not from here then eh?" He seemed to almost belittle us with his tone and choice of words. "Well I will tell you that these two men are militants in disguise from Pakistan. They were sent here to disrupt communications here on the line of control. They are not good men and we are sorry that you have found yourselves mixed up with them. If you please, this truck here will take you from here so that you may reach your destination."

Us:"What do you mean disrupt communications?"

Army guy:"We know that this truck was responsible for tearing down a telegraph cable in the clearing a few kilometers back. Because of that, all communications for the military were shut down and that is why the battle last night took place."

Us"But that was an accident! We were there and know it was!"

Army guy:"That's what they would have you believe. You should not sympathise with these men. I would advise you to get on this other truck and chalo!"

Us:"What happens to these men if we do choose to leave? Could we get their home addresses so that we can contact their families?"

Army guy:"It does not concern you as to what happens to these men. I would again advise you to grab your things, get on this other truck and CHALO!"

photo(c) TwoFeathers 1999

~One only has to pause a moment to see the peacefullness in the Kashmiris. In their minds they are neither Indian nor Pakistani, they are Kashmiri~