Romania is the oldest country in Europe...

Romania is the oldest country in europe . Named pelasgia has the basic for all languages around the world. Religion of ancestors says there were 7 gods , DAKSA was the almighty he put 10000 sons on earth that mix with the women they found and got the "OM's " .

This word is not translatable in any language so even budist religion use it like this. The big empire of pelasgia turned into many countries. One of them was Dacia (today Romania). Nordern part was named DANIA (today Danemark). Some more things needs to be found out by those who care because alot of things went wrong and to many people dont know. Like the old stories say there were some giants on this planet at begining of time. This thing are found even in genesis capter 6 from holly bible of cristianity were its said that the sons of god mixt with the women of men. So the "giants" were the result of this. Slowly you can find more about Jesus C that he was called mesia. Back then the names were given by the place you came from. So the south theritory of Dacia was colled MOESIA. Does it ring a bell? In the bible u will find no Jesus from 12 to 30.

When he comes back he calles himself the son of men because they translate it wrong. Is the son of OM. (means something like men but men is not enought) and there is is only one mountain around this earth called OMU is in the middle of Dacia(Romania) were the FBI guys got killed by an powerfull energetic field inside the tunel of this mountain. Tunels hand made like the ones in egipt in Gizef piramyd. Next to this mountain there are another 2 and a "natural" sfinx with the exact size as the one in Egipt. The 3 moutains in romania have the same position as the 3 piramids with the sfinx looking to the sunrise.

Most of the natural therapies you can find today come from that time from romania were there was this guy 560 years before Jesus that can heal everyting and he did the same trick as Jesus did after 600 years with the resurection. He was hiding for 3 years in a cave and when he got out everybody called hym resurected son of god. After that he got the name of semigod and the god. The language we speak in Romania is the vulgar latin , a language that has words that you can find in ather languages far away from this teritory.

The latin people dont understand each other but we can understand very easy with no school 3 or 5 latin languages. Lets take the name ROMA for example is the begining of romania not of italia. These guy canot understand eachother , having like 20 dialects but we can understan them. Romanian people speak the same language with some ancestors of Wales. Its been found out in Wales a vilage were they use to pray to the same gods in romanian language , with a little bit of a funny accent but is the same. The sfinx you will find in Romania is found in another 6 or 7 countries around the world along with all this animal forms carved in stone.

If you would like to read more about thing that have been discovered just give me a shout .

submitted by BOGDAN